Our local club  is a SASS affiliated cowboy action shooting club that holds monthly matches at Florida Parishes Skeet and Gun Club  61282 VFW Rd. in Amite, LA.  We shoot the 2nd Saturday and 4th Saturday of every month.

Spectators are always welcomed —  But wouldn’t you rather play cowboy with us?

Our shooting stages involve scenarios of the Old West and we shoot five stages involving the use of two pistols, a rifle and a shotgun . Since we use real bullets, safety is our #1 priority. We are a family-oriented sport with junior, lady and senior categories, as well as various shooting styles such as traditional, duelist, classic cowboy, gunfighter, and black powder.  Our participants dress in Old West style clothing and shoot pre-1897 guns or reproductions thereof.

Registration for Saturday matches begins at 8:00 and the starting time of the match is 9:00.

The Bayou Bounty Hunters offer a Wild Bunch category at the 2nd Saturday matches during the following months of the year:  January, April, July, October (For more information, contact one of the club officials.)