Bayou Bounty Hunters

A Cowboy Action Shooting Club

Today’s fastest growing shooting sport with over 100,000 participants worldwide

We are a SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) club and we hold bi-monthly matches at Florida Parishes Skeet and Gun Club in Amite, LA.  We shoot the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month.  Matches begin at 9AM and spectators are welcomed. Come out and see what cowboy action shooting is all about!

Our five stages involve scenarios of the Old West shot on our cowboy town just like you would see in the Old West Days. We shoot real bullets, therefore, safety is our number one priority. We are a family-oriented sport with junior, lady, and senior categories.

We dress in Old West style clothing and shoot pre-1897 guns or reproductions thereof. Each stage involve the use of two pistols, a rifle, and/or a shotgun.

In Memory of Kentucky Tom (Thomas Browning)

Lucky Lawdog's Corner

 – Spring 2024

Stay Tuned…

Lucky Lawdog
Club Territorial Governor.

Great shot of Tobin Kid spewing fire from his ’66 at Hangin’!

Photo courtesy of Foard County News

Aerial view of the range! 

Visitors and spectators are welcome to join us for monthly matches.  Please bring eye and ear protection with you.  We shoot the 2nd Saturday and 4th Saturday of each month and matches beginning at 9:00 AM.

Long range shooting event on the 5th Saturdays throughout the year.  (For 2019, that will be March, June, August and November.)”

2024 BBH Club Officers

President Tobin Kid 

VP Cubby

Treasurer Dusty Sometimes 
Secretary Runnin Rose 
Territorial Governor
Lucky Lawdog
Board Members 
Copperhead Charlie 
Deputy Ashes 
Tex Davis

In order for new shooters to participate in a monthly match, a Safety Orientation class is required. 

Orientation classes are held at the range.  If you are interested in participating in matches with the Bayou Bounty Hunters and need to schedule a New Shooter’s Orientation class. 

For more information call or write  Dusty Sometimes:  225-400-5775

Lucky Lawdog


Bayou Bounty Hunters is a SASS affiliated club

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