Bayou Bounty Hunters

A Cowboy Action Shooting Club

Presented by SASS & the Bayou Bounty Hunters of LA.

Hangin’ At Coyote Creek

Louisiana State Championship

Nov. 12th – 14th -2021

* Friday – Long Range Competition with Side Matches afterwards

* No Charge for Long Range and Side Matches

* Saturday – Six Stages with lunch included

* Saturday Night Banquet with Spectacular Raffle

* Sunday – Four Stages with lunch followed by awards

* On-site Camping with power/water – Limited availability

* On-site Dry camping offered free of charge

* All SASS sanctioned Categories will be offered

* Categories must have a minimum of 3 shooters


For More Information Contact Dusty Sometimes at or 225-771-9923

NOTE:  Camping sites reserved upon receipt of paid match registration.

Pards please read and follow the following Covid guidelines.

For each match, all shooters must adhere to the following CoVid safeguards, that most if not all, SASS clubs are utilizing:

  • If you’re sick or feel a temperature, stay home, do not come to the match.  If you’re in a susceptible risk group, you should strongly consider not coming to the range.
  • Avoid groupings of 10 or more people in any confined areas.  The clubhouse will only be used for bathroom visits.
  • Pre-match registration and scores will take place outside the clubhouse.  This is an “EXACT CHANGE ($5 or $10) match”, to avoid the handling of banknotes.
  • Shooter, RO and 3 spotters will be the only persons on the stage, with no more than two (2) at the loading table at a time.  
  • Follow the recommended 6 ft social distancing guidelines with no physical contact.  Face covering (nose and mouth) should be worn anytime a person is within 6 feet of another person.  A bandana or scarf would suffice.
  • Hand sanitizer should be used after any use of common objects such as ink pens, sign-in sheets, timers, scoring tablets etc.  
  • Spent brass should only be picked up and transferred with a device and not by hand.  All shooters need to handle their own guns. 
  • ONLY the Posse Marshal shall handle the Posse Book with the Stage scenario sheets and Posses will not use spotter flags. 
  • Pulls for knock-down targets may be handled with the use of a bandana or other such barrier device.
  • Please bring a face mask or other cover for use when in close proximity of others (on stage during the reading of the scenario).

Dusty Sometimes – Club Treasurer/T.G. 

Dusty's Corner

Monthly matches are back!

Happy holidays from the BBH.  Please note a few important club updates below:

1- Due to the current CoVid-19 state guidelines, we’ve decided to postpone our annual membership banquet until the spring or summer. Our annual Treasurer’s Report will be forwarded via email next month.  Monthly matches will continue all while observing CoVid safety guidelines. 

2- The Category chits award  (a pair of new Ruger Wrangler .22 cal pistols) will be awarded at the January 4th Saturday match. As a reminder, you do not need to be present to win and only need to be a member of the BBH or the FPSC. Next month, Foard County News and Tom Kedrick will tally up the number of category chits for each member and Rose will draw the winning Chit after the match.  At this match, we’ll also announce the 2020 Spirit of Coyote Creek recipient. 

3- We’re excited to confirm that in November 2021, the BBH will host the Louisiana State Championship after having a very successful “Hangin at CC” last month. 

4- Due to the current shortages of reloading supplies, and only on a temporary basis, we may begin allowing .22 cal shooters at our monthly matches in the regular categories, to allow shooters to conserve ammo for big matches and to continue shooting with us. More to come once the Board irons out the details. 

5- As always, we’re so appreciative to the FPSC, our sister club for their support, all of our shooters and members, and for the new shooters that have joined the club in 2020.  Today we received a “Thank You card” from Hellbender and the Up the Creek Gang for our disaster donations that we sent them last month. 

The Bayou Bounty Hunters would like to remind all club members that the FPSC is open to Long Range shooters Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12n – 4p and Saturdays (when cowboy matches are not bring held) from 8a – 12n, before skeet matches start in the afternoons. When using the long range facilities please remember range safety basics and be aware of any persons who may inadvertently enter the area. .

Great shot of Tobin Kid spewing fire from his ’66 at Hangin’!

Photo courtesy of Foard County News

Please welcome our new shooter:

Beaver Creek Kid

Click on the YouTube link to watch the videos!


Our latest Young Gun shooter! Welcome Blue Steele!  Standing next to Dusty Sometimes.

Dakota Steele and Mrs. Dee Steele are the proud Grandparents of Blue Steele!

Aerial view of the range! 

Visitors and spectators are welcome to join us for monthly matches. Eye protection is required and hearing protection is highly recommended. (These will be provided should you need them.) We shoot the 2nd Saturday and 4th Saturday of each month and matches beginning at 9:00 AM.

Long range shooting event on the 5th Saturdays throughout the year.  (For 2019, that will be March, June, August and November.)”

2020 BBH Club Officers

President Tobin Kid
Vice President Kentucky Tom

Secretary Runnin Rose

Territorial Governor/Treasurer Dusty Sometimes

Members at Large:

Gene O

Tom Kedrick


Foard County News

In order for new shooters to participate in a monthly match, a Safety Orientation class is required. 

Orientation classes are held at the range.  If you are interested in participating in matches with the Bayou Bounty Hunters and need to schedule a New Shooter’s Orientation class, please call Dusty Sometimes at 225-771-9923.

Bayou Bounty Hunters is a SASS affiliated club

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