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Our local club  is a SASS affiliated cowboy action shooting club that holds monthly matches at Florida Parishes Skeet and Gun Club in Amite, LA. (See Map) We shoot the 2nd Saturday and 4th Saturday of every month. Lunches are available for the Saturday matches only. Visitors are welcomed to join us and may purchase a lunch for a nominal fee.

Our shooting stages involve scenarios of the Old West and we shoot five stages involving the use of two pistols, a rifle and a shotgun . Since we use real bullets, safety is our #1 priority. We are a family-oriented sport with junior, lady and senior categories, as well as various shooting styles such as traditional, duelist, classic cowboy, gunfighter, and black powder.  Our participants dress in Old West style clothing and shoot pre-1897 guns or reproductions thereof.

Registration for Saturday matches begins at 8:00 and the starting time of the match is 9:00.

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For more information about Cowboy Action Shooting check out the SASS Shooters Handbook. This downloadable file explains about the Spirit of the Game, equipment needed and categories.


Another great article is offered by Shoot!Magazine.   Enjoy!

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Tradition of the Old West and “The Spirit of the Game!”



The Bayou Bounty Hunters will be hold sponsoring three competitions from February 2016 to January 2017. Each will have a male and female winner:

Top Shooter

Clean Match Award

Middle Shooter

The competitions will include a “Chip Program.” Each time a shooter wins one or more of the categories above, that shooter will receive a chip.  All chips received will be entered into a drawing for an award at the BBH Annual Membership Banquet in January 2017.  The winner will be the person whose chip is drawn for that competition. 


Hence, the more times a shooter wins a monthly competition, the higher his/her chances in the overall drawing at the end of the year. 


Stats will be kept for the 2016 Saturday matches. The competition will run for 12 months – February 2016 through January 2017.


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2016 BBH Club Officers

President Capt Dan
Vice President Tobin Kid

Secretary Soiled Dove
Treasurer  Dusty Sometimes

Territorial Governor
Rattlesnake Blake


Members at Large

Chipola Kid


Kentucky Tom

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Congratulations to our Top Male Shooter
Slick McClade 
and to our Top Female Shooter
Lily Bleu 

Father & Daughter!!!

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