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Bayou Bounty Hunters

A Cowboy Action Shooting Club

Annual Membership Banquet / Meeting

Date:  Saturday, January 25TH  

   Time:  5:00 pm  –  8:00 pm        Place:  Clubhouse in Amite         Cost:  $17 per person

Once a year we hold our Annual Membership Banquet & Meeting.  In conjunction with the 4th Saturday match, come out for a day of shooting followed by a great evening of business and camaraderieTHE DRAWING OF THE GUN FOR OUR “CHIT” PROGRAM WILL TAKE PLACE THAT EVENING AND WINNER MUST BE PRESENT.

Family members and guests are cordially invited.  This is an excellent time to invite friends and family and introduce them to cowboy action shooting.  It is also a time for bring folks to see our fine shooting facilities at Florida Parishes Skeet Club.

Reservations are necessary for our caterers, Bucket List BBQ.  Submit your reservations (Click the Green button below) at the next monthly match or you can mail it to:

Bayou Bounty Hunter

c/o Kevin Bodden

PO Box 674

Watson, LA  70786

(Make check payable to Bayou Bounty Hunters)

Appetizers During Social Hour

Pecan Smoked Strip Loin

Garlic Potatoes


Ceasar Salad


Election of Board Members

(January 2020 through December 2022)

 The election of board members will take place at the annual membership meeting Saturday, January 25, 2020.  Board members for the Bayou Bounty Hunters serve a two-year term.

Nominations can be made for the positions below if the member is in good standing (dues paid for the current year) and is willing to serve in that capacity.  (Prior to nomination, please confirm that the nominee is willing to serve in that position.)

A list of officer duties is on our web site.  The Board of Directors is made up of nine officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Territorial Governor, and four at-large board members.

If you are interested in nominating someone for one of these positions, please contact Soiled Dove for a nomination form.  The nomination period will run from through the month of December.  Nomination forms must be received in writing by the end of the nomination period.  They can be submitted at the match or mail to:

Bayou Bounty Hunter

c/o Kevin Bodden

PO Box 674

Watson, LA  70786

The following current board members have agreed to continue to serve in the positions below should they be re-elected:

President – Tobin Kid

Vice-President – Kentucky Tom

Treasurer – Dusty Sometimes

Board Members at Large:

Cubby, Foard County News, Tom Kedrick, Cap’n Dan

Doves Corner


Coming soon!

The Bayou Bounty Hunters are resurrecting our PROFESSIONALS CATEGORY.

This category is taken from the movie, “The Professionals.”  It will feature a variety of vintage firearms that can be used in the match.  This will give our members an opportunity to pull out these vintage firearms from their gun safes and play with them in a competitive venue.

The button below is the information regarding the category.  If you have any specific questions, please forward them to Rattlesnake Blake at 985-788-5623 or

We are looking at holding the RO I class sometime in the near future so let us know if you would like to take the class and you can also audit it for an updated Chevron pin to add to your current RO I pin.

Soiled Dove


Great shot of Tobin Kid spewing fire from his ’66 at Hangin’!

Photo courtesy of Foard County News



Here is a shout out to one of our newest shooters… a husband and wife team!  Blackjack Jim and Sangria Maria!


Our latest Young Gun shooter! Welcome Blue Steele!  Standing next to Dusty Sometimes.

Dakota Steele and Mrs. Dee Steele are the proud Grandparents of Blue Steele!

Aerial view of the range! 

Visitors and spectators are welcome to join us for monthly matches. Eye protection is required and hearing protection is highly recommended. (These will be provided should you need them.) We shoot the 2nd Saturday and 4th Saturday of each month and matches beginning at 9:00 AM.

The Bayou Bounty Hunters offer a Wild Bunch category at the 2nd Saturday matches during the following months of the year:  January, April, July, October (For more information, contact one of the club officials.)

Long range shooting event on the 5th Saturdays throughout the year.  (For 2019, that will be March, June, August and November.)”

2018 BBH Club Officers

President Tobin Kid
Vice President Kentucky Tom

Secretary Soiled Dove
Treasurer Dusty Sometimes

Territorial Governor
Rattlesnake Blake

Members at Large

Cap’n Dan

Tom Kedrick


Foard County News

In order for new shooters to participate in a monthly match, a Safety Orientation class is required. 

Orientation classes are held at the range.  If you are interested in participating in matches with the Bayou Bounty Hunters and need to schedule a New Shooter’s Orientation class, please call Soiled Dove (Bettye Boggs) at 985-789-0744.

Bayou Bounty Hunters is a SASS affiliated club

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