Bayou Bounty Hunters

A Cowboy Action Shooting Club

Bayou Bounty Hunters presents the Top Female Shooter and Top Male Shooter of Hangin’!

Diamond Lilly and Duke City Deadeye !

We were pleased to honor one of our pards, Parson Delacroix, at our annual match with a special King of Kaboom (black powder) category in remembrance of all the smoke he created at Coyote Creek.

Of special note was that Parson's niece, Southern Rose, won her very first buckle this weekend. She had a picture of Parson to share with us which was taken at his last match which happened to be a previous Hangin' at Coyote Creek.

Winners of the raffle prizes!

Sassy Schoolmarm won the C Sharps 1875!

Sharpeye won the Dillon XL650!


Sharpeye also won the $200 gift certificate towards a Rugged gear gun cart!

CAPT. JUAN RIOT won the blackpowder revolver set!

Doves Corner

We welcome our newest member, Old Frenchy aka Daniel Castoriano, who has moved to the area from the Lakes Charles.  He has shot with us many times in the past for Hangin’ at Coyote Creek.  Welcome aboard!

Also, on Saturday Tobin Kid put Paul Shoemaker and his grandson through a new shooter orientation and we look forward to seeing family team on the range.

The Trading Post on Saturday was a real success.  Cap’n Dan brought some items along with a number of other shooters.  Many walked away with cowboy treasures including rain gear (most appropriate for the day), clothes, hats and leather gear.  There was even a set of pistols for sale.  If this is something that you are interesting is having periodically we can look at doing this on a regular basis.

Mark your calendars for our Annual Membership Banquet and Meeting on Saturday, January 26th.  This is the day of our 4th Saturday match.  If you would like to come out with your camper and stay overnight, you are welcome to come shoot that day and attend the banquet that evening.  

Also, this is the time when we will be drawing for the firearm from our Category Winner Program which has been taking place this past year.  In addition to this we will also present our Top Shooter Award, Clean Match Award and the Middle Shooter Award.

Reservations for the banquet will be required and I will be sending out this information shortly or you can register at our match next Saturday.

Soiled Dove


Great shot of Tobin Kid spewing fire from his ’66 at Hangin’!

Photo courtesy of Foard County News



Here is a shout out to our newest shooters… a husband and wife team!  Blackjack Jim and Sangria Maria!


Our latest Young Gun shooter! Welcome Blue Steele!  Standing next to Dusty Sometimes.

Dakota Steele and Mrs. Dee Steele are the proud Grandparents of Blue Steele!

Visitors and spectators are welcome to join us for monthly matches. Eye protection is required and hearing protection is highly recommended. (These will be provided should you need them.) We shoot the 2nd Saturday and 4th Saturday of each month and matches beginning at 9:00 AM.

2018 BBH Club Officers

President Tobin Kid
Vice President Kentucky Tom

Secretary Soiled Dove
Treasurer Dusty Sometimes

Territorial Governor
Rattlesnake Blake

Members at Large

Tom Kedrick
Foard County News

In order for new shooters to participate in a monthly match, a Safety Orientation class is required. 

Orientation classes are held at the range.  If you are interested in participating in matches with the Bayou Bounty Hunters and need to schedule a New Shooter’s Orientation class, please call Soiled Dove (Bettye Boggs) at 985-789-0744.

Bayou Bounty Hunters is a SASS affiliated club

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