Bayou Bounty Hunters

A Cowboy Action Shooting Club

Doves Corner

The proposition for the new larger targets was a success!   They are now on the range pending being painted. 

Thanks to Dakota Steele and Dusty Sometimes! See the photos below as they were being unloaded. Click to show full size. 

Did Dakota just create a new stage?  Carry the target out then shoot at it?  

Soiled Dove


Here is a shout out to our newest shooters… a husband and wife team!  Blackjack Jim and Sangria Maria!

Visitors and spectators are welcome to join us for monthly matches. Eye protection is required and hearing protection is highly recommended. (These will be provided should you need them.) We shoot the 2nd Saturday and 4th Saturday of each month and matches beginning at 9:00 AM.

2018 BBH Club Officers

President Tobin Kid
Vice President Kentucky Tom

Secretary Soiled Dove
Treasurer Dusty Sometimes

Territorial Governor
Rattlesnake Blake

Members at Large

Tom Kedrick
Foard County News

In order for new shooters to participate in a monthly match, a Safety Orientation class is required. 

Orientation classes are held at the range.  If you are interested in participating in matches with the Bayou Bounty Hunters and need to schedule a New Shooter’s Orientation class, please call Soiled Dove (Bettye Boggs) at 985-789-0744.

Bayou Bounty Hunters is a SASS affiliated club

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