Presented by SASS & the Bayou Bounty Hunters of LA.

Hangin’ At Coyote Creek

Louisiana State Championship

Nov. 12th – 14th -2021

The 2021 Louisiana State Match, Hangin at Coyote Creek, hosted by the Bayou Bounty Hunters of Louisiana, is complete and in the record books!  Special congratulations to LA Overall Cowboy Slick McClade and LA Overall Cowgirl Dixie Deadeye, Top Lady Shooter Lady Gator (MS), all of our Louisiana category winners, our clean shooters, our youth shooters and our side match winners. 

First Time Match Directors Tobin Kid & Dusty Sometimes and Club Secretary Runnin Rose, would like to offer our humblest and sincerest thanks to:

The 55+ Cowboy/ Cowgirl shooters that came, from LA, GA, MS & Michigan,

Our host, the Florida Parishes Skeet Club & Jesse McClendon, 

Our Board Members who spent countless days of preparation, 

Our Match Sponsors, 

Our Stage Sponsors, 

Our caterers, assisted by Mrs. (Cheryl) Dusty Sometimes,

Red River Rudy for the Friday pot luck,

Crusty Steve for his countless days of range prep,

Bad Thunder for printing our booklets, 

Our Posse Marshals who ran our 4 amazing Posses

And so many others!

Based on the numerous superlative comments from everybody, throughout the entire Match, this truly was a collaborative team effort from so many.  The BBH thank you and are in debt to YOU for making this such a wonderful State Match!!!

Briefly, and in summary for those unable to attend, we had 3 days of perfect shooting weather!  The food was terrific and plentiful.  The banquet was a resounding success!  It had great raffle items with Cole Trigger winning the Ruger RPR in 6.5 Creedmoor, Bad Thunder winning the 1911 Wild Bunch pistol, Krazy Kajun winning the portable smokeless fire pit, Imaginary Cowboy winning the Dillon 750 press and Slick McClade winning the Pres. Trump Air Force One souvenir candy box of M&M’s. We had 11 campers on the grounds, with two of those campers joining us from Michigan, that everybody loved meeting and visiting with.  We hope to see Riverview Rattler, Card Shark Charlie and their wonderful spouses again soon!

In closing, Tobin Kid, Dusty Sometimes & Runnin Rose truly want to thank everybody for their patience and assistance as we three learned how to run a state match for the first time. According to you, if was one of the best in years!  Early on, Tobin & Dusty decided to spare no expense in this Match and go for broke, and it paid off!  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with comments, tips or suggestions!  We want hear from you!

Tobin Kid BBH President

Dusty Sometimes Territorial Governor/Club Treasurer

Runnin Rose Club Secretary