Hangin' at Coyote Creek 2018

SASS & Bayou Bounty Hunters

Present Hangin at Coyote Creek November 9, 10, 11 2018 Place: Florida Parishes Skeet Club, 61282 VFW Road – Amite, LA 70422 Click below to download the registration form

About Us

Our local club  is a SASS affiliated cowboy action shooting club that holds monthly matches at Florida Parishes Skeet and Gun Club  61282 VFW Rd. in Amite, LA.  We shoot the 2nd Saturday and 4th Saturday of every month.

Side Match Awards    
Category Top Man Top Lady
Speed Rifle Dusty Sometimes Diamond Lilly
Speed Shotgun Pump Dusty Sometimes Diamond Lilly
Derringer Macon A Longshot  
Pocket Pistol Macon A Longshot  
Speed Shotgun Dbl Brrl Macon A Longshot  
Speed Pistol Red River Rudy  
Wild Bunch Modern Macon A Longshot Dixie Deadeye
Wild Bunch Traditonal Marshall Big Daddy Soiled Dove
Long Range Rifle    
Single shot Buffalo Kentucky Tom  
Lever Action Rifle Caliber Louisiana Cuz  
Lever Action Optical Louisiana Cuz  
Open Louisiana Cuz  
Single Shot Optical Louisiana Cuz  
Lever Action Pistol Cal. Tobin Kid  
Single Shot Tobin Kid  
Costume Awards    
Men’s B Western Macon A. Longshot  
Ladies B Western Diamond Lilly  
Best Couple Foard County News & Sassy Schoolmarm
Uniform (None)  
Classic Cowboy Cole Trigger  
Classic Cowgirl Cheeka Bow Wow  
Elegant Lady Miss Lucky Sometimes 
Town Man Buckshot Mitchell  
Men’s Unique (None)  
Ladies Unique Southern Rose  

Bayou Bounty Hunters presents the Top Female Shooter and Top Male Shooter of Hangin’!

Diamond Lilly and Duke City Deadeye !







Macon A. Longshot 


Southern Rose, Niece of Parson Delacroix and Daughter of Ghost Raider

Of special note was that Parson’s niece, Southern Rose, won her very first buckle this weekend. She had a picture of Parson to share with us which was taken at his last match which happened to be a previous Hangin’ at Coyote Creek.



Reload Don


Silver Senior Duelist

1st Place – Red River Rudy

2nd Place – Old Frenchy


Silver Senior

Blackjack Jim


Senior Duelist

1st Place – Marshal Big Daddy Jenks

2nd Place – Gene O



1st – Duke City Deadeye

2nd – Copperhead Charlie

3rd – Gentilly Gent


Lady Wrangler

Cheeka Bow Wow


Lady Silver Senior

Diamond Lilly


Lady Senior

1st Place – Dixie Deadeye

2nd Place – Sangria Maria


Gun Fighter

Blackwater Jack



Buckshot Mitchell


Frontier Cartridge Duelist

Bulldog McGraw



1st Place – Dakota Steele

2nd Place – Homewood Lefty


Classic Cowboy

Capt. Juan Riot


Elder Statesman

1st Place – Galvez

2nd Place – Okie Buck from Mississippi

3rd Place – Allegheny Drover


1st Place – Chief Rick

2nd Place – Hellbender

3rd Place – Foard County News


Cattle Baron

1st Place – Capt. Billy Blackhorse

2nd Place – Sharpeye

3rd Place – Louisiana Cuz


Grand Dame

Soiled Dove

Winners of the raffle prizes!

Sassy Schoolmarm won the C Sharps 1875!

Sharpeye won the Dillon XL650!

Sharpeye also won the $200 gift certificate towards a Rugged gear gun cart!

CAPT. JUAN RIOT won the blackpowder revolver set!

Photos from Hangin' 2018!

Images from Hangin! Several Cowboys braved the rain on Friday to do some long range rifle shooting! RVs are moving in! Click on any image to view full size.

And The winners!

Parsons Delacroix

Contact us

Leave us a note and we will get back to you! Click the link below for the contact page or call Bettye Boggs aka Soiled Dove:  985-789-0744

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